Burn Notice

    Episode 50


 Entry Point


Original air date:  07/15/2010

Filming for this episode took place the first week of May, 2010.

The episode starts with an aerial shot of Miami over Interstate 395 looking west.  We see two skyscrapers in the foreground. On the left is 1040 Biscayne Blvd. and on the right is 1100 Biscayne Blvd.

Then we look down as Michael is driving through a commercial area.  Location unknown.

Then we drop down to street level and we see Michael and Jesse driving around looking for a suitable structure to act as an interrogation and imprisonment location for Kendra. This was filmed in Coconut Grove on Thomas Ave. They approach from the west and find the house at 3363 Thomas Ave.

After finding the right place they go about prepping it for their purpose.  This appears to be a set but I have not confirmed that yet.

Then they interrogate Kendra. All the interior scenes appear to have been filmed on a studio set but I have not had that confirmed yet.

Then we go to Carlito’s at the rear of the studio for a lunch meeting between Sam and Michael.

From there we go to the new client’s house.  Location unknown.

Then we see Michael and Fiona go to the machine shop that Buddy, the new client indicated was the source of his client’s phone call. They enter from the 600 block of NW 6th Avenue.

Their attempt to get in is blown and evidence goes up in flames. Michael calls the fire department to have them dose the flames so there would be a chance at salvaging some evidence.

Then we cut to where they are holding Kendra for further interrogation.  I believe this is a set.

After making some headway we cut back to the machine shop where the fire department is putting out the fire.

After a very unrealistic escape we see Michael and Fiona at the client’s house.  Location unknown.

Then we go to Carlito’s for a group meeting.

Next we go to Waveline.  This was filmed in Doral Florida in the 8300 Block of Doral Blvd. Between Miami International airport and United States Southern Command.

After failing with Mr. Bocklage the boss, Fiona and Michael break into the H.R. Office. This appears to have been filmed on location at “Waveline”.

Then we go to the house of the guy Michael suspects may be Mr. Slippery. The number clearly visible on the lamp at the front of the house is 350. However; a close look reveals that there was a 1 after the 0 but it has been removed or has fallen off. The full number is 3501 and this scene was filmed at 3501 Frow Avenue in Coconut Grove.

Fiona and Michael break into Mr. Slippery’s house. There they learn that they are on the right track but their client is in immediate danger.

We see them skid from NE 89th Street onto NE 10th Ave. This is re-used footage from episode 44, Devil You Know. We will see this footage re-used again in episode 68, Enemy Of My Enemy.

Then we see them arrive, from the south on S. Bayshore Drive, at the Seminole Boat Ramp just south of the studio. The Coconut Grove Bank building is seen in the background. We have seen this boat ramp area used before in episodes; 6) Unpaid Debts, 11) Dead Drop, 21) Good Soldier, 28) Lesser Evil, 37) Long Way Back, and 40) Nobles Causes.

They save their client, but not unharmed.

The Grove Tower can be seen in the background. We have seen this in episode 4, Old Friends and will see it again as Michael scales the exterior in episode 68, Enemy Of My Enemy.

Then we return to Waveline Technologies in Doral.

We go inside and Michael shows the route the thief is going to take.  Filming location unknown.

Then we go to the interrogation room where Jesse is making progress with Kendra.

Then we return to Mr. Slippery’s house where Sam is parked immediately out front. Not to obvious.

Then we go back to Waveline where the sword arrives.

Then Sam calls informing Michael that Mr. Slippery may not be who they thought because he was just blown up.

The real Mr. Slippery has stolen the sword and has ignited several small explosions to allow his escape.

Michael and Buddy escape out a window. According to the Burn Notes on the USA Network’s web site this was a set built attached to the Waveline building.

Michael spots the thief as she is leaving and he and Fiona chase after her.

First we see her  racing out of Waveline headed north up the driveway toward NW 36th Street/Doral Blvd.

They continue north toward NE 36th Street and Carino’s Italian Grill is seen in the background. Carino’s is located at 8240 NW 36th Street in Doral.

Continuing  north on Waveline’s driveway.

Continuing down NW 1st Ave.

Then we see them passing NW 11th Street and the spot at NW 10th Street where Michael was seen standing and waiting to be picked up in episode 29, Friends and Family.

They continue southbound where Michael directs a small explosive under  the thief's car who was very nice and drove over the device. This gave the back of her car a lift and stopped her escape. This was filmed at approximately 700 NW 1st Ave. The first time I saw this location used for filming was in Miami Vice.  Episode 8, Little Prince where Tubbs talks to the hot dog vendor. Fiona likes to stop vehicles in this area. In episode 29, Friends and Family she crashed a garbage truck into an S.U.V. stopping it just up the street (NW 1st Ave.) at NW 9th Street.  This is also where our gang foiled the insurance fraud scam crash in episode 38, A Dark Road.  It is also where we see Michael chasing the ambulance in episode 44, Devil You Know.

Next we go to Buddy’s house where they wrap things up and Fi gets a new hand bag.  Location unknown.

Then we go to Carliito’s (set) where they set Kendra up. Then we cut to the interrogation room (likely a set) where Jesse gets a real lead. The guys celebrate with a beer and the episode ends.

This building was sacred ground to fans of Miami Vice as it was seen in episode 32, Back In The World, with Captain Real Estate (G. Gordon Liddy).  It was on the south side of NW 7th Street between the intersection with NW 6th Ave. and 674 NW 7th St.

As it appeared 06/05/2007 when I photographed it for Back In The World.

Building is now gone.

As it looked June 5, 2007.

Original Michael’s loft.

Mihael and Fiona enter thru fence

Machine shop

Michael and Fiona were parked here on Hibiscus Street just south of Frow Avenue while they looked at the house.

But they were somewhere else when they filmed the shot from the front as Michael reads thru the file.

Then we backtrack a little more than 100 yards to the south and cover the same section of Driveway again.

Then we jump 8.6 miles to the east and they are racing westbound on NW 13th Street.

Then we enter into Miami Vice holy ground. They drive southbound under the “59th Street bridge” from the pilot movie that started Miami Vice, Brother’s Keeper. This is where Eddie and Corky get blown up in act 1.  This is in reality under Interstate 395 on NW 1st Avenue. We have also seen this location before in Burn Notice. Episode 21, Good Soldier where Carla chases Michael on a motorcycle.

As seen in the Miami Vice Pilot,

         Brother’s Keeper

We see them continue southbound away from the bridge.

As seen in Friends and Family

Passing NW 10th Street.





As seen in Good Soldier

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org