EPISODE 51




Original air date: 07/22/2010

The episode starts out on South Beach by 7th Street.

Then it quickly shifts north but still on the beach. Now we are by the famous Eden Roc Hotel, 4525 Collins Ave.

Then we move inside the Eden Roc to the lobby bar.

Then we see a wet work team checking into the hotel. All filmed at the Eden Roc.

Jesse and Fiona kidnap one of the team on the fourth floor of the Eden Roc and are then seen checking out with him in her luggage.  This ends the teaser.

Then we see the Card Sound Road Bridge. This is re-used footage from episode 10, False Flag.

Then we see our gang headed to a quarry. This at first glimpse looks like Card Sound Road but looking closer reveals things don’t match up.  Location unknown.  If you know where this was filmed or any other unknown location, please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Then we see them at the quarry questioning their captive. This was filmed near the Homestead Miami Speedway. It was filmed on SW 344th Street between SW 146th and 142nd Avenues in Homestead. At several times we can see the lights of the Homestead Sports Complex in the background.

Michael displays his driver’s license to the captive. The photo is of Michael as he appeared in Touching Evil. The address is 11213 Pine Tree Drive which does not exist.

This leads us to the Banana Fish Bar where Paul Anderson works. This was filmed up in Broward County very close to where Michael lands after he is burned (Pilot) and where we first met Fiona. Joe’s Tiki Bar, Grill and Sushi,1318 North Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL. Sam and Michael assist Paul in escaping the Russian wet work team.

Then we go to Michael’s place. Of course the exterior was filmed on set at the rear of the Coconut Grove Convention Center/Studio.

Then we go inside Michael’s loft which was filmed on set inside the studio.

Then we return to the Eden Roc. First outside in the pool then inside the lobby.

Then we see Sam confront the congressman at the entrance to the Eden Roc.

We see Sam call Madeline for help. She is shopping at what appears to be the Eden Roc’s hotel shop. I will have to go there to confirm this but it appears she is conveniently nearby.

Then we see Michael on the move. We see him eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway.

Then we arrive at Paul’s place. This was filmed in familiar territory.  Ocean Terrace by 73rd Street.

Then we see Michael pull up to the rear of Paul’s place, only they are no longer at 73rd Street and Ocean Terrace. As Michael arrives I saw the address on the mailbox (7747) and knew right away where they were.  Holy ground for Miami Vice fans. They have moved about 4 blocks north to 7747 Atlantic Way. This was the safe house from the legendary Miami Vice episode, Definitely Miami.

At times the Sun N Sand Motel can be seen in the background across the street.

Parked on 73rd St.

As it looked in Miami Vice.

Michael’s route pulling up to Paul’s

Paul’s house.

House seen in background

Buildings seen in background as Paul shoots.

Paul’s interior and back door.

Paul’s front door.

Then we jump all the way down to Homestead for the chase sequence.  This was all filmed by the Homestead Miami Speedway but in an interesting patch work of different spots re-used multiple times that in real life would make no sense. First we see them northbound by the stadium on Stadium Blvd.

Michael’s car is apparently self healing because the tail light that was shot out by Paul’s house is fine now. Completely fixed as they raced along.

It cuts and they are now southbound on SW 139th Court.

Then northbound again on Speedway Blvd.

Then we see a dozen cuts of them northbound on SW 137th Ave. north of the track. At one point you can see the grandstands in the background.

Then they get company. They are headed south on Speedway Blvd. at the west end of the track. They cross over onto SW 139th Ct.

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                 Past and Future Tense.


If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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