Burn Notice

       Episode 49



Original air date: 07/01/2010

This episode starts out in a familiar part of Coconut Grove, at the Mayfair Shops. First we see the SW corner of the intersection of Florida Ave. and Mary Street.

Michael is there to find an old drive that can read the data he found in the wall with Jesse at the end of the previous episode, Breach of Faith. No luck here but as he and Fiona are leaving he realizes that they are being watched. They are actually leaving from the building across the street from the Mayfair Shops. They are at 2801 Florida Ave.

Michael walks calmly with Fiona eastbound on Florida Ave. as he calls Sam. Sam is located at Vero’s By The Bay on Virginia Key. 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway.

Then Fiona and Michael go shopping as they give Sam time to respond to Mid-town Miami. For this filming they have gone from Coconut Grove to Mid-town Miami. They are walking south thru Fredo’s along NE 1st Ct. between NE 40th and 39th Streets. We first saw Fredo’s in episode 3, Fight of Flight.  This area was also seen in episode 17, Scatter Point.

Sam is positioned at a familiar location. We saw this location used in Scatter Point where Sam and Fiona had to get Gilbert, the crews safe cracker, arrested.

Goof:  Only on t.v. can someone be in two places at the same time. The woman sitting beside Sam at the bar is the same woman seen walking behind Michael and Fiona as Michael talks to Sam on the phone.

They try to lead Kendra into a trap that no one would have fallen for and as a result she gets away. This was filmed at the rear of Fredo’s in a fake alley built for the scene.

She calls Michael from the roof. Michael must be feeling more than a little out smarted.

Then we cut to Madeline’s house. The exterior establishing shot of course is from NW 9th Ct and NW North River Dr. The interior is the studio set.

Here Michael is roped into taking a client. Then we cut to the area of the clinic. This was filmed around the old Amendment XXI Lounge at 190 NE 46th Street just west of NE 2nd Ave. which poses as a clinic here.

Then we go inside the Clinic. This appears to have been filmed on location at 190 NE 46th St.

After talking to Dr. Dave they head out into the street where Kendra calls from the rear of the studio.

We see Sam and Fiona watching the Teresita Market at 4680 NE 2nd Ave.

Jesse is able to get a tracking device in with the money runner to trail it back to the gang’s head quarters. First we see the MacArthur Causeway and Terminal Island.

Then northbound on NE 2nd Avenue passing NE 45th street.

Then they arrive at the Beach House Cabaret, 255 Sunny Isles Blvd. In Sunny Isles.

Sam volunteers to go inside to check things out while Fiona calls in Sugar for additional help.

After the worse surveillance ever we head to the clinic. This appears to have been filmed on a set.

Then we cut to Vero’s By The Bay, the restaurant where we first saw Sam.

Then we return to the Cabaret.

Then we go to Coco Walk where Michael has set another trap for Kendra.  This one was also poorly thought out allowing her the unobstructed high ground and she easily gets away. He is positioned on the ground floor at Coco Gelato. She was way better positioned up by the Cheese Cake Factory.

Then we cut to Michael’s loft where Madeline stops by to give him a hard time. Cutler calls from the strip club and sets up a meet “at the edge of town, the Redlands exit”.

Then we see Michael westbound on the MacArthur Causeway.

Then we are at the meet location which was filmed on Virginia Key at the Miami Marine Stadium.

The meeting is over and we see Jesse doing a horrifyingly poor job of tailing the dealers. We see him glued to their rear bumper on NE 2nd Ave. headed south thru the 4500 block.

Then passing the Teresita Market at 4680 NE 2nd Ave.

Then way down NE 2nd Street passing # 3930, Janus et Ci.

Then they turn from southbound on NE 2nd Avenue to eastbound on NE 42nd Street.

Then westbound on NE 48th Street where Jesse allows himself to be trapped near NE Miami Place. Then thanks to gang members who are the worst shots in the world and can’t hit Jesse who presents himself broadside just a few feet away, he gets away. At first eastbound on NE 48th St. Then it jumps to NE 10th Avenue headed south past NE 91st Terrace.

Then we go to the clinic where Michael forces David to stay with Madeline. We then go to Madeline’s where even the exterior was shot on a set at the studio.

Then we see Michael and Sam go out to fly their homemade drone. This was filmed in front of 4733 NE 1st Court.

Then we return to the loft where Kendra calls from an unknown location.

Then we go back to Madeline’s (set) where we learn of an impending attack on the clinic.

Next we see Michael and Fiona arrive at the Clinic in time to save it.

Then we see them regroup at Madeline’s (set).

Then we go to the rear of the studio to the set of the exterior of Michael’s Loft.

Then we cut to the Cabaret where Michael sets the stage.

Cutler makes a call to verify everything is ok. His guy is walking on NE 47th Street and all is ok, until he rounds the corner to the front of Terrisita Market where the corner boys have been roped and tied.

Then we see David headed to the stash house located on NE 48th Street. We see him pass 117 NE 48th Street at NE 1st Ave.

Then it is back to the clinic that is open for business.

Then Sam backs up Michael as he heads to a meet with Kendra. This was filmed on Virginia Key near the west end of the Miami Marine Stadium.

As Kendra draws her blade, we can see the Miami Marine Stadium in the background. This is where Michael meet with Cutler earlier in the episode.

Goof: Did they really think viewers would not notice that she only had one loosely pulled wrist tie around both hands and the only thing keeping her hands together were her clenched fingers.

They place her in the trunk and the episode ends.

Neighborhood Watch

Kendra is watching from the intersection of Mary Street and Florida Avenue.

If not otherwise recognized this location is readily identifiable by the distinctive design painted on the wall of Vino and Olio at 139 NE 39th St.

Michael and Fi



Street corner

Then still northbound on NE 2nd Avenue but south of the last cut.  They are passing 4410 NE 2nd Ave.


1st cut

2nd cut

Janus et Ci

Then two houses to the west.

Then at the stash house, 55 NE 48th Street.





Looking south

Michael parks with Sam

Kendra breaks up with Michael

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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