Burn Notice


   Episode 48

Breach Of Faith


Original air date:  06/24/2010.

The episode starts out in the Bahamas with Jesse and Fiona on a working vacation. In reality this is not the Bahamas but was actually filmed in Crandon Beach Park on Key Biscayne. The bar is not real but was constructed for the scene.

Michael is talking to Fiona on the phone. He is located in his loft. A set at the C.G.C.C. Studio.

With help from Jesse, Fiona is able to swipe the keys to the morgue. We then see her parked outside. In reality this is not the Bahamas but a familiar South Beach location. She is parked in a thing outside 233 1st Street in south Miami Beach. In the last episode, Made Man we saw this same neighborhood (2 buildings east, Nemo’s) used. More recognizable is in episode 64, Bloodlines, we will see this location again as Jesse parks right here while Sam is inside Zorba’s listening in on Takeda’s partners.  Of course Miami Vice fans will recognize this spot from Red Tape when Sonny and Rico park here.  Popular parking spot for television characters.

Then we see Jesse go inside the morgue to obtain the files he needs. This was filmed across the street at 230 1st Street, SoBe.

The chase is on as the Jamaican authorities chase Jesse away from the morgue. This was filmed on Arthur Lamb Jr. Road on Virginia Key.

Then Jesse pulls into Jimbo’s which has been used numerous times as a filming location for Burn Notice, Miami Vice and several movies.

They clearly used some CGI short cuts to doctor the background to hide South Beach and Fisher Island that should be seen in the background. I hate when they do that. They could have just shot from further north and the camera angle would not have allowed for South Beach or Fisher Island to have been seen in the background and we would have a real shot of the location.

Then we cut to Michael’s loft (set) where Fi and Jesse return and update Michael. Michael learns that he now needs to assist Sam who is waiting outside (set at rear of studio).

This leads us to the Clients house. This was filmed at 245 SW 28th Road, South Miami.

Then we head to 3190 Commodore Plaza (sign is clearly visible above door), to the mail station. This location is seen in the background of Miami Vice episode 12, Milk Run.

Then we see Sam and Michael arrive at Blue Crest. This is where Burn Notice all started. This location was where Michael was waiting on the street corner in Nigeria, waiting to be picked up at the start of the Pilot.

As it appeared in the Pilot

We go inside where Josh, the Client is assaulting Nick Madison, the Thieving Bastard with a gun. This interior may look familiar because it is the same location that was used as the County Records office in episode 38, A Dark Road.

The situation is complicated by the arrival of the police.

Michael goes about accessing an outside line to contact Fiona to work on the outside tracking down Tom Norris.

Fiona and Jesse are at a small apartment complex attempting to gain access to Jeremiah Kassar’s apartment. This was filmed in South Miami very near the clients house. 2937 SW 1st Avenue. Later in the episode we see that an elevated Metrorail runs right behind the house. Combining that with the street number clearly visible by the door made this an easy find.

Then we return to Blue Crest where things get even more complicated.

Fiona and Jesse find Tom on Ocean Dr. as he arrives from the north and stops in front of  Prime 112 steak house at Brown’s Hotel. Right around the corner from the Jamaican morgue.

When Jesse approaches him, Tom spooks and runs off westbound on 1st Street. He turns right up Collins Court . This is familiar territory for Miami Vice Fans for this is where Crockett chases the teenaged drug runner and tackles him in the very same location in episode 49, The Good Collar.

Jesse and Fiona are parked at Nikki Beach next to where the Corsair Hotel use to stand.

They return to Blue Crest where they learn the money is in a floor safe.  Michael tells Fiona that it is time to pull out all the stops.

Michael and Sam uncover the floor safe. According to the USA Networks, Burn Notes section on their web site, this was filmed on a set at the studio constructed on scaffolding to accommodate the floor safe.

Michael develops a plan that depends on Patty to put all the blame on Nick. The first part of the plan works well as the police storm the building.

Patty comes thru and places all the blame on Nick which gets Michael, Sam and Josh off the hook. This is set up to appear to be inside the mobile command post but most likely this was filmed on set at the studio.

The police release our heroes and we see them back at Josh’s house on SW 28th Road.

Next we see Michael at Jeremiah’s apartment trying to gain access.

He and Jesse get in but the place has been thoroughly cleaned.

They decide to talk to the nosy neighbor, Kendra.

Michael realizes things are hinky and they head back to Jeremiah’s.  Kendra is there and opens fire on Michael and Jesse before escaping out the back. Here we see the elevated Metrorail line in the near background. This along with the number by the door is how I located the complex.  

She left before she could grab a high density tape from the wall and now Michael has it. The episode ends here.


Fi parks


Miami Vice, Milk Run

Fiona and Jesse park

Tom stops in front of Prime 112

Tom arrives from the north


Looking opposite direction


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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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