Burn Notce

                      Episode 61


Out of The Fire


Original air date: 12/16/2010

Filming for this episode took place from August 30, 2010 through September 8, 2010.

The episode starts off with a brief recap of events which leads us to Michael’s loft (studio set) where Jesse is too emotionally involved to stay involved.

Then we see a nice aerial shot of Miami looking east at the greater downtown area from over the Miami River.

Then we go to Carlito’s, a set at the rear of the studio, where we see Tyler Brennen. Brennen gives Michael his first new assignment. To kill government employee # 132G.BX728.640.9A85

Brennen also delivers one of the better lines here. “I’m going to go out on a limb here Sam, and guess your not the brains behind this operation.”

We are also reintroduced to Larry here. This ends the teaser.

Act 1 opens with a shot of Miami from the south filming from about SW 13th Street and SW 2nd Ave.

Then the Miami River looking north past West Flagler Street.

Then we zoom in on the original building used as Michael’s loft as well as Bucum’s loft in All About The Benjamins. 528 NW 7th Avenue, Miami.

Then we go inside Michael’s loft. A set at the studio.

Then we see another aerial view of Miami from the west over the Dolphin Expressway.

Then we see an aerial of the original Madeline’s house.

Then we go inside Madeline’s (a set at the studio) where Jesse has a meeting with CIFA Agents. In real life CIFA or Counterintelligence Field Activity ceased to exist more than two years earlier due largely to it’s own illegal behavior.

Then we see some random Miami shots:

       AA Arena.

East end of the MacArthur Causeway by Terminal Island.

Then we see the Dade County Courthouse. Seen in several television episodes and movies. To me, most famous for the Miami Vice episodes Brother’s Keeper and No Exit.

Michael and Larry are parked across from the north side of the courthouse on NW 1st Avenue outside Diana’s Cafe.

Then Larry and Michael go inside the Courthouse. However; in reality they have entered the Alfred I DuPont Building at 169 East Flagler Street. Fans of the movie Bad Boys will recognize this interior as the police station from that movie.

If you look closely the unique pattern on the floor will be recognized from the Burn Notice episode, Scatter Point where Sam had dinner here when it was set up to be a restaurant. We also saw it used as Michael’s bank in the Pilot.

Then they go into an office where they are able to gain access to the computer. This appears to have been filmed on the 16th floor of the Alfred I DuPont Building but I will have to go there to confirm this.

Intercut we see Sam and Fiona outside hacking into Larry’s phone. They are parked in front of 91 NW 1st Street opposite the courthouse.

Then we see Michael meet with Larry and Brennen at Carlito’s. The set at the rear of the studio.

Then we see Fiona and Sam parked outside a small store. Fiona says this is likely the spot that provided Larry with the scrambler for his phone. This was filmed in the 800 block of SE 1st Avenue.

Scatter Point


Then we see Fiona and Sam drop into the Latin American Cafe Building from the roof. There they learn that he not only bought a scrambler but a biometric safe.

Then we see an aerial view of Indian Creek Village.

Then we see Larry and Michael doing surveillance outside a nice house. Location unknown.

They then meet with Brennen. Likely the same area but not enough is seen. Location unknown.

Then we cut to Michael’s place where Jesse, Sam and Fiona are meeting. Studio set.

Aerial of the Miami River looking south east with Jose Marti Park in the foreground, right.

Then we see Fiona, Jesse and Sam looking at Brennen’s place. They are in the Neo Vertika Condominium. 690 SW 1st Court, Miami.

Then we return to Albert’s house. Location unknown.

Michael and Larry cut the power and blow a hole in the perimeter fence. Michael uses shape charges on the outside of the wall but the wall clearly “explodes” from the inside while Michael’s charges stay intact.

Michael is able to get a call out to Sam. Sam is still with Fiona and Jesse at Neo Vertika.

Alberto comes to Michael as he is trying to get away. Larry has other plans and blows him up.

Goof: The Suburban that Michael is hiding next to is clearly not the same one that gets blown up. The one they blow up is a previous generation model.

Then we see Michael and Larry meet with Tyler Brennen. There Larry kills Brennen. This was filmed at Matheson Hammock County Park. Very close to where Gabriel takes Fiona under the bridge in Good Intentions.

Michael calls the gang and lets them know what is happening. They are still at Neo Vertika.

Larry loads Brennen into the trunk and then it cuts to an aerial view of the Miami River by Neo Vertika (left side of screen). The street on the left has been used before in Burn Notice and Miami Vice. The building in the lower left corner is the nightclub from episode 2, Identity. The intersection is seen in episode 38 of Burn Notice, A Dark Road. Where the Corvette gets crashed.

Then we see Fiona and Jesse arrive in a condo with Brennen’s safe. This was filmed on location at The Mint condo. Across the river from Neo Vertika.

Then we see Michael and Larry turn from northbound on Water Avenue to westbound on SW 4th Street ext. The Wind by Neo is seen behind them.

Jesse helps Fiona prepare to remove the safe from the wall. They are at the southwest corner of the building on approximately the 15th floor.

Larry and Michael arrive on the scene. We see them drive southbound along the west side of The Ivy Condo. Just east of the SW 2nd Avenue power station.

We see Michael and Larry bringing their host, Tyler into he building. This was most likely filmed inside The Ivy, but I have not gone there yet to confirm this.

Jesse dumps the safe off of a south side balcony where it lands near the river. Had this been done a few years earlier this building would not have existed and the safe would be in the danger zone of a .50 caliber fire fight as seen in the Miami Vice 2006 movie which filmed that famous scene here, when it was an empty lot.

As seen in Miami Vice 2006

As they prepare to rappel down the south side of Mint Condo, we see Latitude on The River in the background. This building sits on the sacred ground which was where Gold Coast Shipping use to stand.  The exterior of the OCB in Miami Vice.

Sam covers Michael allowing him to get away. Then we see an aerial shot of the Bank Of America Tower.

Then we cut to Michael’s place where we see him packing with Fiona. Studio set.

Then we see an aerial establishing shot of the Port of Miami at night.

Then we go inside some type of small machine shop where Fiona is opening the safe. This appears to have been filmed on set at the studio. Possibly in the carpentry department but I have not confirmed this yet.

There they successfully recover the thumb drive.

The episode ends there.




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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have anything else to add, please feel free to contact me at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

The Wind by Neo

As seen in the background of A Dark Road

Sam and Michael’s location in Good Intentions

Fiona and Gabriel’s location in Good Intentions

Fiona and Gabriel’s location in Good Intentions

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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