Burn Notice

Season 4 Finale

              Episode 62


    Last Stand

Original air date: 12/16/2010


The episode starts with a brief recap of recent events. Then we find our gang in a South Beach cafe. They cannot hangout at Carlito’s because Vaughn will certainly be watching there regular locations. The exterior  was filmed at Van Dykes Cafe, 846 Lincoln Road Mall on Miami Beach. The interior filming may also have been filmed there but I have not confirmed that yet.

Then we see an aerial view of Loews. Collins Avenue at 16th Street, Miami Beach.

Followed by reused footage of the Charger eastbound on the Rickenbacker Causeway toward Virginia Key.

Then an exterior establishing shot of the Motel South Pacific, Biscayne Blvd. and 63rd Street. We have seen this used previously in episode 6 Unpaid Debts, 18 Bad Blood, and 56 Guilty as Charged.

Then we go inside Madeline’s motel room. Thanks to J. Forsberg of Minneapolis who recognized this location and let me know about it, we now know that this was filmed on location at the Silver Sands Resort, 301 Ocean Drive, Key Biscayne. Thanks J.

Michael walks outside and takes a call from Vaughn.

Vaughn has just arrived via a cargo plane, with a team to deal with Michael. This was most likely filmed at Opa tisha woka locka Airport (or Opa-locka in the short form) but I have not sussed out the location yet. Location unknown.

Act 1 opens with an aerial view of a nuclear power plant. This is a computer generated image and the place does not exist in reality.

Then we see Jesse, Fiona and Michael on the ground outside the fake plant. This scene is a little tricky. When we look into the plant from Michael, Fiona and Jesse’s view point we are at the main gate of the plant. When the camera is inside the perimeter fence looking out at the gang, then we are in a totally different part of the plant. They are just outside the northern perimeter fence. They do a nice job of sewing the two locations together to look like one.

Then we cut to Madeline and Sam tracking down Congressman Bill Cowley at a fund raiser. This was filmed at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club.

Then we cut back to the nuclear power plant. In reality, they are on the north side of the waste water treatment plant on Virginia Key. Their plan is to wash out the road by breaking a water main. Their plan is interrupted when Jesse spots Vaughn’s men at the gate.

They take off headed east along the northern perimeter fence.

It cuts and they are driving east in the 700 block of 28th Street on Miami Beach.

Then a left turn from the Miami Beach Golf Club maintenance driveway onto 28th Street where we just saw them pass.

Then a right turn from Prarie Avenue onto W 28th Street behind where we just saw them.

Then it cuts and we see Michael back west of Prarie Avenue headed east along the golf course again.

Down the straight where they open fire on the Charger. This was filmed as they traveled eastbound on W 28th Street toward Sheridan Ave. The Scott Rakow Youth Center is seen in the background.

Then back to the northern perimeter of the waste water plant where the drive started. Here the charger loses a tail light as it heads east.

Then westbound in the same place where Michael loses a couple of tires.

Then the location shifts again as we see Fiona and Jesse northbound on North Meridian Avenue passing 2363 N Meridian.

They continue to shoot as we see the same sign in the background for the third time and they drive over this same stretch of W 28th Street by the golf course for the fifth time.

Then they pass 625 W 28th Street.

Then back to Meridian Avenue where Fiona and Jesse head north along the golf course.

Then we see the sign for the fourth time. W 28th Street near Meridian Ave.

Then northbound on Meridian Avenue along the golf course.

Then back to West 28th Street where Michael jumps ship.

The charger blows and comes to a rest on W 28th Street at Fairgreen Drive.

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North side

Main gate

The gang

The gate view

Then past 633 West 28th Street.

Then eastbound on W 28th Street, away from Prarie Ave.

Then it cuts back to W 28th Street west of Prarie Avenue by the golf course where they open fire.

Then back east of Prarie Avenue on West 28th Street passing 611 W 28th Street.

Then eastbound on W 28th Street by the golf course again.

Continuing east on W 28th Street past 2800 Prarie Avenue.

Then 611 W 28th Street which we already saw them go by.

Then east again on West 28th Street passing Royal Palm Avenue.

Michael opens his door and places an explosive on the rocker panel. This was filmed back on Virginia Key. Along the northern border of the plant.

Then we see Michael and Fiona pull side by side. This was filmed northbound on Meridian Ave. Still by the golf course.

The chase appears to have taken place over several miles but with the exception of a few cuts on Virginia Key, the whole chase up to the point of the charger blowing up and blocking the road was filmed in less than half a mile. With repeated travel over the same sections of roadway on Miami Beach.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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