EPISODE 55




Original air date: 08/19/2010

The episode starts off with an aerial shot of Hollywood Beach.  We see the Diane Motel from the Pilot as well as Nick’s Bar.

The Diane Motel

Nick’s Bar

Then slightly to the south. The water in the background behind the buildings is South Lake in Hollywood. One of the sections of the Intra Coastal Waterway that we saw in The Great McCarthy. Episode 8 of Miami Vice. Where they race by the buildings in the background.

Then we hit the pool. This was filmed at the National Hotel on South Beach. 1677 Collins Avenue.

Then we go to Madeline’s house where we see them give Jesse the fake folder. This was filmed on set at the Coconut Grove convention Center Studio.

Then we go to Michael’s place. Also a set at the studio.

They call Barrett who is in a conference room that is suppose to be in New York. This was also filmed on set at the studio using a translight background.

Act 1 opens with Michael and Fiona sitting in Carlito’s. Madeline arrives, and snubs Michael. Filmed on the Carlito’s set at the rear of the studio.

Then we go to the client’s home. This has the look of a studio set but was more likely filmed on location at 1270 NE 87th Street in Miami.

Then we see Michael headed south over the Card Sound Road Bridge. We saw this used in episode 10, False Flag as well as reused in Past and Future Tense, Hard Time and Besieged. The first time I recall seeing this bridge used on film was in Miami Vice, episode 30, Bushido.

Then we see them arrive at the Merrill Stevens Shipyard on the Miami River. 1270 NW 11th Street, Miami.

The trap is set.

Trap is set.

Then we cut to a hotel pool where we meet Charles Archer and Sam lets Fiona know that Chuck Finley is forever. First we see an aerial view of the Delano Hotel pool (the hotel to the north of the National Hotel that we saw at the start) and then we land at the Sagamore Hotel pool (the hotel to the south of the National Hotel).




Next we see Sam and Fiona at a nightclub to put Sam’s plan into action.  This was filmed at Mansion. 1235 Washington Avenue on Miami Beach.

Then we see Fiona return to the clients house, this time with Michael. 1270 NE 87th Street Miami.

Then we return to Mansion where Sam drugs Charles.

Then we go to Charles’ house. He is still drugged. Thanks to Edwin Montante who e-mailed me the information on this location, we now know that this was filmed at 1060 North North Lake Drive in Hollywood,FL.

Then we return to the Merrill Stevens Shipyard on the Miami River where Michael and Jesse spring their trap.

Then we see an exterior establishing shot of Charles’ home before going inside. 1060 N North Lake Drive, Hollywood.

When Charles leaves, Fiona and Jesse are waiting just down the street to tail him. At least that is what it is made to look like. They are not parked by  the house. Location unknown.

They tail Charles to his money man. Location unknown.

Unknown if the interior scenes were filmed on location or on a studio set.

After Fiona and Jesse share a tactical kiss we cut to Carlito’s.

Then we see Sam putting the pressure on Charles at the Sagamore Hotel’s pool.

Then we go to Fiona’s place. I am 99% sure this was filmed on set at the studio.

Then we cut to the Merrill Stevens Shipyard where Jesse and Michael free their prisoner and send him off with a sample and a message.

Next we return to the Sagamore Hotel where Sam is hard at work.

He receives a call from Charles as the plan is working. Charles is calling from his front yard.

Next we see Sam introduce Charles to Michael. Michael is playing the role of dirty cop who can help them out. This was filmed at the Sagamore Hotel pool.

Next we cut to the clients house where hit men are attempting to solve Charles’ problem.  This appears to have been filmed on location at 1270 NE 87th Street. Fiona makes an impression and saves the day.

Then we cut back to Charles’ place where Sam slips him a mickey.

Then we see Charles wake up at the clients home as the sailboat, now in the bay, burst into flames.

Then we return to Merrill Stevens shipyard where Michael demands 1 million USD to solve the problem.

Then we go to the Miami Federal Bank. In reality this was filmed in Coconut Grove at the Mayfair Shops on Grand Avenue.

Then we see Sam in a limo with Charles. The location of the first segment is unknown.

However when we get to the point where Sam tears up the tickets, we have jumped to the area of SW 27th Avenue around the studio.

Fiona stops the limo and puts down the divider. Then she tells Charles that this is his stop. This was filmed at the rear of the studio with the front of the limo facing north.

However; when he gets out he is in the middle of the bridge on the Rickenbacker Causeway. They are headed west away from Virginia Key and toward the mainland.

Then we go to the clients home on NE 87th Street where Sam and Fiona hand over a bag of cash to help right the wrong.

Then we go to Madeline’s house. This was filmed on set inside the studio.

While there Michael receives a call from Barrett. Barrett is seen on Ocean Drive traveling north past Johnny Rockets, of Scarface fame.

In the next cut he is still northbound now passing the often used Hotel Victor and 12th Street.

Continuing on past the often used Tides.

Up to the Leslie Hotel before it cuts.

Then we cut to the outside of the vehicle where we see Barrett’s convoy headed northbound back down where we just saw him passing the Hotel Victor.

Then we see a brief shot of the Four Ambassadors and Brickell.

Then we see Michael and Sam at Carlito’s (set).

Then we head to Michael’s loft (set) where Fiona runs into Jesse who has learned it was Michael that burned him.  

Jesse gives Fiona an opportunity to stop him by extending the gun all the way out in front of him and next to her but she decides not to resist and he walks away letting her live.  

Goof:  Jesse plays a video for Fiona of Michael leaving the scene after Jesse gets burned to show he knows it was Michael. only it is not the same location.  It is from a totally different scene and location than where Jesse gets burned.

The Great McCarthy





Fiona then calls Michael who is still with Sam at Carlito’s and updates him. The episode ends here.


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Photo courtesy of Edwin Montante

Charles leaves headed east on N North Lake Drive.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org