Episode 56

Guilty As Charged



Original air date: 08/26/2010

Filming for this episode took place from 07/12/2010 thru 07/20/2010.

The episode starts off with a recap of recent events. Then we find ourselves at Madeline’s house. This was filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see Michael, Fiona and Sam outside Barrett’s rental home.  Location unknown.

Then we see a nice aerial shot of Terminal Island and the surrounding area.

Then we see the life guard station on Miami Beach at 10th Street.

Then we see Michael meet with Vaughn but not at the Miami Beach Lifeguard Station as the set up shot would lead us to think. The meeting takes place at the Doral Country Club, by the pool.

Then we see a view looking north from Virginia Key toward Dodge Island.  This was either shot from the east end of the Rusty Pelican’s parking lot or from the vicinity of the Miami Marine Stadium. I will have to go there to nail down the exact location.

Then we see an airplane flying past a high-rise on the beach. The obvious assumption is that the view is to the south down the coast. However; this is a reverse image.  They flipped the film so left is right and right is left. The plane is passing the Continuum, 100 South Pointe Drive, South Miami Beach.

Then an aerial view of Lincoln Road Mall at Pennsylvania Avenue.

Which leads us to our trio meeting at Carlito’s. Filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

While there Michael picks up a new client. Then we see a couple more random aerial shots. First we see the Lincoln Road Mall at Michigan Avenue.

Then the mouth of the Miami River.

Then we see the client’s home. This is located at 15 Indian Creek Island Road. Next door to Don Shula’s house.

We then go inside. I believe this was filmed on location at 15 Indian Creek Island Road but I have not had that confirmed.

Then we go inside. Right away it is clear they are not inside 1024 Ocean Drive. They are inside Karu & Y, 71 NW 14th Street, Miami.

Below: I flipped the image back to how it is in real life. It should make more sense that way. The plane blends into the buildings so you may have to look for it to notice it.

Then we see an aerial shot of Miami Beach from 87th Terrace south.

Then we see South Miami Beach with Ocean Drive in the background.  We see the area between 10th and 11th Streets.

Then we see the south tip of Miami Beach. Where we saw the shot of the airplane earlier, this time really looking south.

Then we zero in on Kitchen at 1024 Ocean Drive.

As they leave we can see the Adrienne Arsht Center is seen in the background.

Then we see a shot of the Brickell Area.

Then Michael is headed toward Virginia Key on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Then we see the Continuum on South Pointe again.

Then we see Michael make a stop at Interstate Armory. 2753 SW 27th Avenue.

Then another stop. Gordon’s Bait and Tackle. 2627 SW 27th Avenue.

Then 2651 SW 27th Ave.

Then Shell Lumber, 2733 SW 27th Avenue. Michael parks in the customer parking lot on the north side of the building just off SW 27th Street.

Then we see Fiona and Sam outside (supposedly, outside Shell Lumber all though they have not moved since Michael’s previous stop. They spot the tail and Michael relays the plan. They are to follow the tail back to his head quarters. According to the Burn Notes section of the USA Networks web site, these shots of the interior of the car were filmed inside the studio with fake backgrounds.

They follow Michael’s tail back to Mekka, a Miami nightclub located at 950 NE 2nd Ave.  I first saw this location used in Miami Vice. Episode 4, Hit List. At that time it was a Greyhound bus station and Crockett and Tubbs travel past it while tracking down Linus Oliver.

After Sam and Fiona take care of business we see them walking along the street outside Mekka. This shot is deceptive due to the significant amount of zoom used on the shot. The white building in the background that looks like a house about 100 yards away is actually the Chalk’s Airline building on Watson Island, almost 9/10ths of a mile away.

As seen in Miami Vice: Hit List

Then they notice that Jesse is there watching them. He is on NE 1st Avenue outside the Global Crossing building.

Next we return to Michael’s loft (set) where Sam has tracked the bad guys. They now suspect the kid is being held on Virginia Key.

When they show an aerial view of the suspect house, Miami Vice fans will recognize it right away as the property used in episode 44, Sons and Lovers where Angelina is blown up. 775 S. Mashta Drive.

Sons and Lovers

Then we see Michael on the road.  Location unknown.

Then we see him at 15 Indian Creek Island Road.

Next we cut back to the outside of Michael’s loft (rear of studio) where Fiona and Sam receive the new submersible.

Then we see Michael meet with Vaughn. This was filmed on location in Doral,  at the Doral Country Club.

Then we see Golden Beach into the southern part of Broward County.

Followed by a kite surfer

Then we see Michael and Fiona at Carlito’s (set).

The Breakwater (940 Ocean Drive) and the Edison Hotel (960 Ocean Dr.).

Then we see Trump Tower 2 and Trump Tower 3.  15901 and 15811 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Florida.

Then we cut to 775 South Mashta Drive, Key Biscayne.

Michael’s secret invasion fails because the client had a big mouth.

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                       Guilty as charged

Fountain statue seen in background.

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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