Original air date: 08/12/2010

Filming took place mid June, 2010 for this episode.

The episode starts out at Michael’s loft with Michael studying Simon’s file. This was filmed on the set inside the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio.

Then we see an establishing shot of Michael driving southbound on the Card Sound Road Bridge toward Key Largo. This is likely footage from False Flag that has also been re-used in Past and Future Tense and in Besieged.

Followed by a brief aerial shot of Villa Vizcaya, 3251 South Miami Avenue.

Then we see Michael arrive at the house where they are currently holding Simon so that Michael can interrogate him. This was filmed in Golden Beach Florida at 263 Ocean Blvd.

Simon has a surprise and some information for Michael.

They crash through the fake window that is placed in the real open doorway.

They land safely on a well placed lounge chair.

Simon gives Michael information which Michael smartly keeps to himself. This ends the teaser. Act 1 opens back at Michael’s loft (set).

Then we see Sam visit a friend. The friend is in prison. We see an establishing exterior shot, aerial view looking south of the northeast section of the Metro West Detention Center, 13850 NW 41st Street, Miami. This is next door to the South Florida Reception Center, 14000 NW 41st Street that we saw used in the Miami Vice episode, Payback.

Tower seen in background.


Filming was in this northern most yard.

Structure seen in background behind trees.

Sam meets with the client inside the Metro West Detention Center. Thanks to Derrick who has confirmed this.

As Sam leaves he picks up a tail.

Sam pulls out, it cuts, and all of a sudden he is in Coconut Grove. He is northbound on South Bayshore Drive passing Steele Mini Park at Hiawatha Street. The gang members are following Sam on a route that in real life would not make sense.

Then southbound on South Bayshore Drive just a little to the north passing by Mercy Hospital.

Then it cuts to the parking lot of the studio.

Then northbound again on South Bayshore Drive, just south of Steele Mini Park with the intersection of SW 17th Avenue in the background.

Then northbound on South Bayshore Drive further to the south toward the studio. They are passing David Kennedy Park and the signal lights seen in the background are at the intersection of Kirk Street.

Then we see an aerial view of the 5th Street area of Miami Beach.

Then we see Sam throw the gang members off by pretending to be a lawyer going to Keller and Associates. This was filmed at 260 NE 17th Terrace in Miami.

As the gang members go by, we can see the northeast corner of the Omni in the background.

Then we see a brief aerial view of South Beach from over Terminal Island followed by Fisher Island.

Then back to South Beach, this time looking south.

Then we land at Carlito’s.  A set at the rear of the studio.

Then we return to the Metro West Detention Center.

Then we see Michael on the inside. Thanks to Christopher Streva, we now know that this was filmed at the North Dade Detention Center. This was a facility to house prisoners that were doing weekend time. They would show up on Friday and serve until Sunday at 5:00 PM. Christopher also informed me that there was a central area in the cell block that consisted of a miniature yard. This was surrounded by four cell blocks each having an open day room and small two man cells for nighttime. The four dorms or cell block were open except at night. Inmates were free to walk from dorm to dorm. This facility closed permanently  which made it ideal for Burn Notice to film there. Burn notice gives us a pretty good view of this now closed facility. It is located at 15801 NW 7th Avenue, though it is accessed off of Route 9. Thanks Christopher.

Then we see Michael in the yard. This was filmed in the northern most yard at the Metro West Detention Center.

Then we leave the prison via an aerial view.

Key Biscayne looking south. The helipad at Richard Nixon’s winter white house is visible in the background.

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Over the Crandon Park Golf Course on Key Biscayne. Looking north toward Dodge Island. Buildings seen in background are on Miami Beach.










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