EPISODE 53




Original air date: 08/05/2010

The episode starts with some stock footage, showing that a storm is brewing.

We cut to Central Florida to Orange County where we see people in traffic headed to Disney World.  The billboard that reads; Welcome to Orange County is a dead giveaway.

Then we see workers preparing Carlito’s for the storm. Filmed of course, on set at the rear of the studio.

Then we go inside with the gang talking about the bible that they stole out of the bank.

The storm continues to close in. At first glimpse this appears to have been filmed behind the studio looking southeast. But after closer study it maybe in the Keys. Location unknown.

Then we cut to Michael’s place where he meets with Vaughn.  Filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see a nice shot of Miami from over the bay.

Then we cut to Texas where we see some boats that have been storm tossed.  Exact location in Texas unknown but all the boats are registered in Texas.

Then an unknown service station.

More stock footage of an unknown street. Not in the Miami area.

Then we go to the exterior of Madeline’s house.  This was filmed on set inside the studio.

This leads us inside where Michael meets with Agents Lane and Harris from season 1.

Next we move over to the set of Fiona’s place.

Next we see Sam and Michael head down to a warehouse on the Miami River where they get a lead from the gun runner. This was filmed at 422 NW North River Drive, Miami. We have seen this warehouse before in the Miami Vice episode Back In The World.

Then we see Vaughn pay Fiona a visit at her place (set).

We cut to Sam and Mikey outside an apartment complex. This was filmed on Miami Beach at 345 West 42nd Street.

Then we go inside Cole’s apartment. This was not filmed on location but on set at the studio.

Strangely, Cole sits down next to a mine that will kill him if Michael triggers the switch. Not likely this would happen in real life, ever.

Cole and Michael team up.

Then we cut back to Fiona’s (set) where Vaughn is still there.

Then we see Michael and Cole driving.  Location unknown.

As Michael and Cole head for the City Yard, we cut to Sam. Sam is back at Michael’s (set) trying to contact Michael via a radio.

Agents Lane and Harris arrive and Sam is contacted by Michael. Michael is at the city yard stealing a truck. This was filmed on the Miami River across from Madeline’s house. We saw this location used before in episode 14, Turn and Burn where it served as Raul’s work place.

Then we cut to Madeline, Fiona and Jesse searching an apartment on the river for clues to the where-abouts of the girlfriend’s house.  This was filmed on location at 422 NW North River Drive.  The same building where the gun runner works. The building seen behind Jesse can also be seen in episode 28, Lesser Evil where Fiona stops the pursuit by blowing up cars.

Then we cut back up river to Michael where he steals a utility truck.

From there we return to the apartment where Madeline finds a clue.  It then cuts to Michael and Cole driving in the truck.  In the first cut they are westbound on West 42nd Street from Pine Tree Drive headed toward Cole’s apartment building.

He then travels along what appears to be a causeway but not enough is seen to determine where they are located.

As Michael drives along the American flag decal on the rear window sporadically appears and disappears.

Then we see them pull out of an alley and stop. They stop on Sheridan Avenue, Miami Beach and the alley is on the west side of the avenue in the vicinity of Cole’s apartment.

Then they pull into the parking garage at Sheridan Ave. and West 42nd Street and drive up to the top level.

Then it cuts back to the parking garage as the real Matt Reese opens fire from the high ground atop 335 West 41st Street.

Then Michael looks through the binoculars and we see a view of the mainland not Miami Beach. We are looking south from North Miami thru Mid-Town with downtown in the distant background.

Then he zeroes in on a house in North Miami

Michael makes his escape on foot.

Then we see Michael running around a street corner. However; he is no longer on Miami Beach but back on the mainland. Running from NE 48th Street onto NE Miami Ct.

Then Michael makes a quick entrance into 4745 NE Miami Ct.

Michael saves the day again.

Then we return to Madeline’s house (set) where Agents Lane and Harris stop by.

Next we go to Fiona’s (set) where she hands over the bible to Michael.

Then we see Michael meet with Vaughn. This was filmed at Finnegan’s on the Miami River. 401 SW 3rd Ave. This is the same stretch of river that we saw in episode 6 of Miami Vice, One Eyed Jack.



As seen in episode 14, Turn and Burn.

Lesser Evil


Building in background.


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Hard Time

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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