Burn Notice

       Episode 52

Where There’s Smoke


Original air date:  07/29/2010

Filming for his episode took place the fourth week of May, 2010.

The episode starts out at Madeline’s house with Jesse and Michael talking Madeline into assisting them with some advance work on a bank robbery. This was filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see an establishing exterior shot of the bank. In reality this is the Espirito Santo Plaza (1395 Brickell Ave.) that we have seen before in Burn Notice, episode 33, Signals and Codes as well as in Miami Vice 2006.

Then we go inside the bank. This was filmed on location, at least the lobby, on NE 2nd Avenue at NE 41st Street (SW corner). The Vitra sign across the street identified the location.

While inside the bank we see video surveillance. They did not waste any money filming what we see on the monitor. It is quickly recognized as re-used footage from episodes 31 where it was the office building in Aventura where Michael was forced to steal a hardware key. Also the old Burger King Headquarters that we saw used in episodes 20,21,27, and 46.

Footage from episode 31, End Run.

Burger King H.Q .

Madeline talks her own way out of the situation and meets Jesse and Michael who are parked outside on the west side of NE 2nd Ave. facing south just north of NE 45th Street. This ends the teaser.

Bank of

Burn Notice



As seen in episode 21, Good Soldier.

Act 1 opens inside Michael’s loft. This of course was filmed on the studio set.

Then we head out to the job with Fiona and Sam. We see an establishing exterior shot of a nice house. I recognized this house right away as the same house that was used in episode 43, Good Intentions where it belonged to Gabriel. Apparently it still does because Gabriel’s Audi from Prestige Imports is sitting in the driveway. Apparently they are working on the cheap and re-used footage from episode 43. Location: 5105 Hammock Park Drive, Coral Gables. This location is only re-used footage for an establishing shot and no filming for this episode was actually done here.

As it appears in 43, Good Intentions.

Then we go inside. According to the Burn Notes on the USA Network’s web site, the bathroom where Fiona and Sarah seek refuge and the hallway where Sam is in the shootout were sets built at the studio.  The rest of the scene was shot on location. However; the location was not Gabriel’s house. As one watches the scene it is clear that neither the interior nor exterior match up with 5105 Hammock Park Drive. That which was not filmed at the studio, most of the interior and the exit scene where we see some of the outside surroundings was filmed at Robin Gibb’s house on Miami Beach. I recognize it from the movie, Bad Boys.  5790 N. Bay Road, Miami Beach.

After Sarah and Fiona are kidnapped, Sam calls Michael. Michael was just leaving his loft(set at rear of studio).

After the commercial break we return to the Gibb’s house where Michael is now on the scene. They receive a call from the kidnappers. The kidnappers are in their safe house. Location unknown. Later in the episode we see an exterior shot of the safe house which I was able to locate but I have not been inside so I cannot 100% say that the interior scenes were filmed there.

Next we cut back to Michael’s loft (set).

Madeline shows up.  Set at rear of studio.

We then cut back to the safe house where Fiona starts to take action.

Then we see Sam and Michael at Joumou Cafe, 4424 NE 2nd Ave. at NE 45th Street, Miami. They know Fi must be close.

Fi gets a call out to Michael. We see Michael and Sam driving around the area. The first shot is footage from episode 44, Devil You Know. They are eastbound on NE 89th Street away from NE 10th Ave. Then Location unknown but I believe it is in the NE section of Miami between the design district and NE 100th Street.

As they are driving Michael is able to get a call thru to Jesse who is at Michel’s loft (set).

Then we cut back to the safe house.

Fiona is able to call out again and reach Michael. Michael and Sam are searching the area. Location unknown.

As Fiona is setting up a smoke signal we cut to Jesse at the loft (set).

Then back to Sam and Michael who are out looking for Fiona’s signal.   The location of the first shot is unknown but the rest of this scene was shot in the 8600 block of NE 10th Court at the end of the canal leading to Biscayne Bay.

Then we cut back inside the safe house.

Sam and Michael arrive outside. The exterior is the old Griffing Estate, built in 1936.  8500 NE 10th Ave. They arrive at the rear on NE 85th Street.  It is unknown if the interior was used for the safe house.

Then we cut to the rear of the studio to see Jesse come through.

Jesse calls Michael who is driving along the bay. Michael is southbound on N. Bayshore Drive by NE 95th Street. Just south of where we saw Simon drop Michael off in episode 44, Devil You Know.

Then it is back to the safe house where Fiona puts her light bulb bomb into play.

Sam arrives to help take out the trash and then we cut to Michael speeding to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.  In reality we see him racing around familiar roads. He is on Virginia Key traveling on Arthur Lamb Jr. Road and Sewage Plant Road.  We have seen these roads used in episodes 13, 19, 44, 48, and 73.  

We see him make the turn outside the treatment plant at what was the airport in episode 13, Breaking and Entering. This is the same turn we will see him make in the opposite direction when he is heading to the heli-pad in episode 73, Better Halves.

He travels along the plants southern fence line. Then it cuts and he is instantly on Key Biscayne. He is now traveling along the waters edge at the south tip of Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. This location was of course made famous in the 4th episode of Miami Vice, Hit List. This is the location of the safe house where Crockett took his family to be safe.

As Michael arrives at the historic light house we can see Stiltsville in the background.

We cut back and forth to the safe house where Sam and Fiona have taken control. After the situation is resolved we cut to Michael’s loft (set).

Then we cut to Madeline’s house (set) where Madeline has a talk with Jesse. From there we return to the bank. We see an establishing night time shot of the Esperito Santo Plaza.

Then we go inside.  This is most likely a studio set with a suspended ceiling inside the vault.

They get back to the car. Location unknown as it is too dark to tell but it was likely either at the studio or outside the “bank” back at NE 2nd Ave.  They learn that they have made off with a code ciphering bible that raises as many questions as it answers but they are one step closer.




The smoke rising from the bay looks very much like c.g.i.  It is suppose to be rising from the end of NE 86th Street.

As seen in Better Halves

As seen in Better Halves



As seen in Bad Boys.

Studio set

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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