Original air date:  06/10/2010

The episode starts out inside Michael’s loft with Sam talking to Michael. This was filmed on the set inside the Coconut Grove Convention Center Studio with the typical, bad Burn Notice lighting.

Then we move north about 500 yards to Vaughn’s Miami pad. This is the same place as we saw in Friends and Enemies at the end of Darwin St. The Shake A Leg Miami lunch room. We get a nice view of the surrounding marina area.

Then we go to Burger King on SW 184th St. or rather the old Burger King world head quarters building before it moved to a location near the airport. We have seen this location used before in episodes 21, Double Booked where Michael follows Bill Johnson to this office building and in episode 21, Good Soldier where Michael returns at the start of the episode to investigate what the sniper was doing at the building.

Fiona and Michael break into the third floor of the building.

Michael steals the info he needs to track down Jesse and Fiona creates a diversion for their escape which ends the teaser.

Act 1 opens with Sam and Michael entering Madeline’s house.  This was filmed on set at the C.G.C.C. Studio.

Madeline puts them to work (studio set)

Next we cut to Haulover Beach Park where we saw Michael test his C.S.S. Contact, Perry Clark in episode 9, Hard Bargain. This beach is famous for it’s lengthy clothing optional section.  Sam is parked at the far south end of the park by the cut. Fiona and Michael are positioned in a very obvious and exposed position across the cut on what looks to be a 5th floor balcony at the NW corner of the building. Those familiar with the movie Cocaine Cowboys will recognize the significance of this location. Even a private citizen of less than average intelligence would pick a better position than this, from which to surveil. Not very realistic that a smart spy would choose this poor location.

The meet was a set up and Jesse has to escape. He heads for the nude beach where he must have blended in to escape.

Standing out like a sore thumb.

Then we see the gang at Carlito’s bar (rear of studio).

Vaughn calls Michael for an update. Vaughn is at Haulover Beach park walking along the cut where the meet had just taken place.

Then we see Michael arrive home to a lock that had been opened and put back carelessly backward (Jesse failing attention to detail 101 in spy school). This was filmed on set at the rear of the studio.

Jesse ask for help, and we go inside the loft (set).

Then we go to Fiona’s place where she is to put Jesse up for a while. This was also a set at the studio.

Then we return to Burger King where they have a fake restaurant set up. Here Michael meets with Kahn to initiate the set up.

Then Michael introduces Jesse to Sam at Carlito’s (set).

Then we head to Attorney Bruce Gellman’s house on Star Island, or at least that is who’s house it was a few seasons ago in episode 3, Fight or flight. Now it is Kahn’s place on Star Island. This was filmed on location at 27 Star Island.

Michael’s plan works and we cut to the exterior of his loft (set).

Then Michael goes back to Kahn’s for a meeting that sets the plan in motion.

Then we return to Michael’s (set) where Fiona and Jesse prepare the arms truck.

Then we go to the arms delivery. This was filmed at the very south western tip of Haulover Beach Park in the shadow of the Herman B. Fultz Bridge. This is where the Haulover Beach sport fishing docks used to be located.

Michael manipulates Kahn into transporting the arms. We see them leaving through a gate where Sam is calling in a tip to the police, to finish Kahn off.  This was filmed at Haulover Beach Park just yards from where they picked up the weapons. In reality the gate they are seen going through is an entrance to the park where they just picked up the weapons. In real life they could not be leaving this way.

We see Kahn traveling southbound in the old Burger King head quarters complex 23.5 miles to the south. The police quickly pull in behind him and the chase is on.

Then we see a cut of Michael. He is northbound on S. Bayshore Dr. passing Pan American Dr. and the Studio 9.8 miles away to the NE.

Then back to Kahn’s car in the Burger King complex still headed south.

Then it cuts back to Michael.  The first cut inside the truck was filmed on S. Bayshore Dr. by Pan American Drive. The second cut is with Kahn’s car back down at Burger King.

The chase continues thru the Burger King complex with just one more cut of Michael on S. Bayshore Dr. Kahn’s car flips just outside the main entrance to the Burger King building and he and his crew are arrested.

Of course Michael gets away clean. We then see him and Fiona inside his loft (set).

Kahn calls from his house on Star Island. He is out of jail and he has captured Jesse who is suffering his wrath.

Michael and Fiona separate. Fiona heads out to meet Barry. She finds him at with a client whom she quickly drives off. This was filmed at Kahn’s house on Star Island.

Then we cut to the outside of Kahn’s house where Sam and Michael are parked in front of Kahn’s house. Fiona comes thru with the bank info. and Michael goes in to play follow the leader with Jesse.

The plan works perfectly and Jesse is rescued. Next we see Fiona, Michael and Jesse all at Fiona’s place (set).

Then we see a quick shot of re-used footage from episode 33, Signals and Codes.  Filmed at the Grove Hill Tower, 2645 S. Bayshore Dr. in Coconut Grove.

Then we go to Vaughn’s place where he puts pressure on Michael to get results from Jesse.

Then we go to Madeline’s (set) where Jesse has moved in. Michael gets closer to the info. he needs. The episode ends here.



Fi and Michael




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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org