Burn Notice

    Episode 59


Brotherly Love


Original air date: 12/02/2010

The episode starts out at Michael’s apartment, a studio set. Michael is left eating yogurt while Sam packs to go on the mission leaving Michael uncomfortable. Unfortunately the Miami skyline in the background is pretty clearly fake.

Then we go to the Dominican Republic or at least we see some establishing shots that would lead us to believe this. In reality the establishing shots are not even the Dominican Republic. When I first saw it I thought it looked more like Puerto Rico and when I saw the third shot I knew it was. I recognize the Saint Felipe Cathedral in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Then we see Sam and Jesse in the D.R., but in reality they are walking down the often used Espanola Way in Miami Beach. When we first see them they are walking westbound toward Drexel Avenue past 436 Espanola Way. This is the exact spot Jackie Gleason stops to ask the nice ladies for directions in the movie Smokey and The Bandit 3.

As seen in Smokey and The Bandit 3

Jesse and sam seperate as Jesse walks into Segafredo at 500 Espanola Way. There he meets with the seller of the list and learns the list is mobile.

We see this location in Miami Vice episode 49, The Good Collar.

Then we see the seller leave in his vehicle that was parked on Drexel Avenue just south of Espanola Way. Jesse rejoined Sam who is of course having a beer on Drexel Avenue just north of Espanola Way. This ends the teaser.

Act 1 opens in Miami with an aerial establishing shot of Miami International Airport.

Then we see Michael greeting Nate at what is suppose to be terminal C of Miami International. This clearly looks nothing like the airport. It was in fact filmed on the west side of the Miami Beach Convention Center. 1901 Convention Center Drive.

Then we go to Nate’s friend’s shop. In reality this was Ted Vernon’s custom car shop which we saw used before in episode 38 or 310, A Dark Road. Located at 471 NE 79th Street in Miami.

After Fi joins in at the shop we go to Madeline’s (set) where they resume an old cover.

Then we see Michael and Nate headed toward Virginia Key on the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Then it cuts and we see them arrive at Joe’s Stone Crab, 11 Washington Avenue. We saw this location used before in episode 23, Hot Spot.

Then we see Michael and Nate arrive at the Taylor’s auto store to save the day. Filmed on location at 471 NE 79th Street.

Then we see another establishing shot of the Dominican Republic. Really we are looking past PR 680 at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

Then we see a split screen of several locations at one time where we see both Espanola Way and stock footage.

Then we see Jesse and Sam working Espanola Way on Miami Beach. The same place we first saw them.

Then we see Michael, Fiona, and Nate at Madeline’s (set).

Next we see the crew outside the garage of the people who stole the goat. This was filmed on Commerce Street, Miami Beach near Joe’s Stone Crab.



Then we see Fiona speed up (east) Commerce Street toward Joe’s Stone Crab. Magically the rest of her team has vanished.

Then somehow Fi pulls into the alley from the north and heads west toward the garage.

Fi gains entry for the team. This leads them one step closer to the goat and they torch the place as promised.

For the next scene they do not go far. At least not for the exterior establishing shot. The house is on Commerce Street at the west end. These houses are seen in the background of the Miami Vice episode 70, Amen... Send Money.

I believe they stop in the alley by the house but I will have to go there in person to confirm this.

Then they enter the house. This appears to have been filmed on location. The door matches the house on the left but not that of the house on the right. The windows also match on this house. Since these houses have been destroyed since the filming to make way for a low rise condo it will take someone who was there to confirm if this was filmed at what is now 850 Commerce Street. If you have any information on this or any other site please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Inside, Caleb shoots Buckwild to keep him from talking.

Then we see another establishing shot for the Dominican Republic. Well, again not really. This is Puerto Rico again. I am surprised that they used this shot because this is so easily recognizable as Puerto Rico even to people not familiar with Puerto Rico, it just has that look. They picked one of if not the most famous place in San Juan, Puerto Rico: La Perla. Miami Vice fans will instantly recognize this as the unforgettable place where Crockett and Tubbs went in episode 15, Smuggler’s Blues which was largely the basis for the 2006 movie.

Next we go to 405 Espanola Way where Jesse and Sam have set up head quarters on the second floor. Their Jesse figures out the likely exchange point for the list.

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Brotherly Love


Saint Felipe Cathedral

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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