Burn Notice

Episode 57


 Eyes Open


Original air date: 11/11/2010

The episode starts off with a brief recap of what happened in the previous episode. That was the summer season finale so it has been about 2.5 months since they aired the episode.

Then we see Michael recovering in a hospital bed. This appears to be a pretty standard looking hospital room. It was filmed on location at the Miami Heart Institute. 4701 North Meridian Ave. This facility has since closed and been sold to developers.

Then it cuts to three days later, still in the hospital but now Michael is in the luxury skybox room. It looks like a translight studio set but it is not. This too was filmed on location at the Miami Heart Institute.

Then we see Jesse pay a visit to Michael who has now progressed to being out on the sun deck at Miami Heart Institute.

Act 1 opens with an aerial shot looking south over Indian Creek and Miami Beach. We see the famous Eden Roc and the stretch of river made famous in the Pilot of Miami Vice. Where Crockett chases Tubbs who has stolen Crockett’s boat. Tubbs temporarily escapes by turning into surprise waterway which is seen here at the bottom right of the screen capture.

Then an exterior shot of the hospital.

We go inside. Madeline is visiting with Michael who continues to heal.

It soon becomes clear that something bad has just happened.

Sun deck


Tan house with balcony seen behind Jesse.

Eden Roc

The injured start to arrive at the heart institute.

Then we leave the hospital and see an aerial view of Fiona’s car headed westbound onto the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge from Virginia Key.

Then we see an aerial in Indian Creek Island.

We see an aerial of Scott’s old home at 15 Indian Creek Island Road. The house where he was living in episode 56, Guilty As Charged.

Then they arrive at Madeline’s home. This was filmed on set at the studio.

Then we see a set of assorted aerial views:

             Looking south over Belle Isle.

Westbound on the MacArthur Causeway at Watson Island.

Then we land at 200 Collins Ave., Miami Beach.

Then we go to Madeline’s (set).

Then we see Michael and Fiona walking up to Scott’s new house.

I assume that USA Network is just underestimating their viewers here. Assuming that after approximately 2.5 months no one would be paying attention or remember Scott’s first home. This house is completely different in looks, location (now on a river with a high speed roadway in the background instead of being on the bay) and set up. Very clearly a different/new house. In fact it turns out, 2 new houses.

So where would a guy go to hide from drug smugglers in Miami? Same place Miami Vice Detectives used in episode 110, Freefall.  Villa Crono. Miami Vice also used this location in Miracle Man.

4731 Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach. At least for the exterior as Fi and Michael approach the residence.


Then we zero in on the area around the intersection of Collins Avenue and 3rd Street.

Then South Pointe Plaza at 42 Collins Ave. We saw this building used in episode 32, Fearless Leader, where Fiona and Michael walk out of the beach bar and into Detective Paxson.

Michael goes to work in the alley between 200 and 212 Collins Avenue. Both buildings belong to Mobile Arts Inc.

Michael starts to break into Dennis Barfield’s place (a Mobile Arts studio) but Barfield comes home too soon and Michael gets caught because of his wounded condition.

Then we cut to Fiona’s new place. This was filmed on location at 124 NE 90th Street in Miami.

Then we see Jesse and Fiona at Lot 64. Location unknown.

Then we see Michael return to 200 Collins Avenue which then leads him to the alley to show Dennis the mercury fulminate. This was filmed behind 212 Collins Avenue on Collins Court.

While they are in the alley we see Sam break into Dennis’ place. There he discovers that the bomber has very carelessly left details of his plan in the trash.

Goof: The mercury fulminate which has been widely used since the early 1800’s is poured out as a clear liquid. No doubt a significant number of viewers would recognize this error as it is so commonly used.  Mercury fulminate is easy to make, easy to buy but dangerous to handle. It is a crystalline solid white/light gray in color and the only way it could be a liquid is if dissolved in ethanol or ammonia, but why would he. Fans of Breaking Bad may remember Walter using mercury fulminate as a counterfeit crystal meth and then he used it to blow up Tuco Salamanca’s place.

Then we go to Scott’s house. The exterior establishing shot is of 15 Indian Creek Island Road.  

Then we see Michael and Sam outside Walt’s house. This was filmed on NE 86th Street in Miami. Later in the episode we will see the backyard which is on a canal just off the bay which made this an easy find. Walt’s house is # 1201.

Inter cut we see Dennis at Scott’s house where he has killed Scott. This was filmed inside 4711 Pine Tree Drive.

We return to Walt’s house where we learn the bomb is in the t.v.

Then we see an aerial of Hollywood Florida. The area between North and South Lakes

Next we cut to an aerial view of Florida International University.

Then we cut back to Walt’s house where they figure out Dennis is closing in on Fiona’s house.  She exits just before he enters. This was filmed on location at 124 NE 90th Street.

The campus scene were likely filmed there but I will have to go there to confirm the location.  Location, unconfirmed.

The whole crew meets at Fiona’s where Michael is able to learn where the other bombs are and then Jesse murders Dennis and destroys Fiona’s house and all her belongings. A little revenge like when he shot thru Michael to get the other guy.

Then we see a nice aerial shot of Miami.

Next we see Michael at his mother’s house (set).

Then Michael meets Jesse. Thanks to the clearly visible street sign in the background this was an easy find.1221 Campo Sano Avenue, Coral Gables.



Then they go inside and the background is slightly off. That is because we have moved south one house to 4711 Pine Tree Drive. To a location made famous in the the movie Lady In Cement.

Then we go inside but this time we go inside 4731 Pine Tree Drive. The house we originally saw Michael and Fiona approach before being inside 4711.





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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org